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Zebra Multimedia owns over 2000 Domain Names, Websites, Directories and Virtual Shopping Malls with local, state, country and worldwide focus.  We constantly monitor our websites and links and reserves the right to update our Terms of Use Policy as deemed necessary.

The links to products, services and any other type of purchase offered by our affiliate companies are placed in good faith and we, Zebra Multimedia, are not responsible for any complaints, issues, faulty merchandise, unfulfilled orders, warranty items, shipping and/or handling, sales, discounts, special offers or any other unsatisfactory sales, correspondence, behavior or exchange of funds or information, what so ever, between our customers and our affiliate vendors.  Note that any sale, purchase or any other form of contract between you the customer and any of our listed vendors and affiliates is between you and said party and should be done willingly and wisely and with the knowledge that buyer beware.  Please shop wisely and carefully as all purchases and payments for items, services, shipping and any other possible goods is between you and the vendor/affiliate and Zebra Multimedia is not responsible for any wrong doings or misconceptions.  If, however, you do have a problem with one of our Vendors/Affiliates, please make us aware of the situation for we will not tolerate such behavior by any of our vendors and their status with us will be reviewed immediately and appropriate actions will be taken.  

Zebra Multimedia respects our users' rights to privacy and does not knowingly or willingly collect or share any of our users' personal information or computer data.  Specifically, we do not collect email addresses and we do not sell them.  Please note that Vendors' links on our websites may have tracking cookies for commission payment purposes and are not used to collect any data that can be used against our customers.  If you find that you have any spam or computer problems as a result of our connection with any of our vendors, other than commission tracking cookies, please contact us immediately so that we can remedy the situation.

If you have any needs or questions, please contact us through the following email address:

Zebra Multimedia Terms of Use
Last updated February
22, 2009