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Zebra Multimedia has a combination of over 2,000 Domain Names, Web Sites, Advertising Directories and Virtual Shopping Malls.  We buy, sell and lease Domain Names and offer Web Design and Web Hosting services.  Our services are designed to help you meet your Sales and Marketing needs.  Trust us to help you successfully expand your Internet presence.

As one of the premier lessors of Internet Domain Names, it is the goal of Zebra Multimedia to give our customers maximum value to the domain names they are leasing.  One way to maximize that value is to offer the domains as a package rather than selling them individually. It is our goal to give you exclusivity and create a competitive advantage for the domain in your market(s). As lessee of your domain anyone who does a URL search will be linked directly to your website.  A URL search means someone types www.The LeasedDomainName.extension for us non-geeks.  We believe this gives you a competitive marketing advantage and will deliver more customers that will increase sales and profits.

For more information email us at: salesinfo@zebramultimedia.com


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